3M continues expansion of print wrap films with the launch of 3M Envision Print Wrap Film 480mC, now featuring the many high quality benefits of Comply Adhesive with micro technology. Additionally, 3M continues to expand the IJ180 family with new 3M Print Wrap Films - IJ180C-10LSE and IJ180-10SLS, designed for low-surface energy plastic and stainless steel surfaces respectively. “With the recent introduction of Comply Adhesive with micro technology to the IJ180 family, we knew the next step would be to expand 3M’s innovation to our high performance Envision Wrap line,” said Levent Oguz, Business Development Manager, 3M Commercial Solutions. Jason Wells, Regional Business Leader, SGBG at 3M added, “3M Envision Wrap Film SV480mC and LX480mC offer unparalleled performance versus cast vinyl films, along with their eco-friendly benefits as a non-PVC film. Along with the new IJ180 expansions designed for stainless steel and low-surface energy surfaces, graphic providers have the options they need to flexultimate creativity and performance for a variety of wrap applications.”