Enhancing capacity, Dubai based Atlas Printing Press has purchased the second iGen, this time opting to invest in the 5-colour iGen-5 which also has the packaging module.  The printhouse has earlier invested in the iGen-4.  
Explaining his reason for this investment, Amit Radia, CEO of Atlas Printing Press said: “We are targeting a lot of point of sale products, which can be handled well by the iGen 5, with its capability of getting the right corporate colours. The one factor that tilted my decision in favour of the iGen 5 is XMPie and its personalised solutions. As runs get shorter, we aim to tie up with larger organizations to offer them solutions for their campaigns.  With variable data as our focus, we are looking at amalgamating a lot of software services along with the traditonal print services and therefore have  various tie-ups, including one with a Turkish company DTec which uses software platforms like GMC suitable for the education industry.  Using the traditional print models, we would like to build up a profile of extremely niche products and services, which a traditional printer would struggle to provide. So using the iGen and our other investments, we are looking at expanding our market share significantly.  A lot of industries these days are not looking at mass campaigns, but at targeted marketing and niche, customized end-user products.”
Atlas Printing Press also owns Screen machines and a range of  Xerox printers.
The new general manager of Xerox Emirates, Chris Govier added: “The digital transition that we are seeing now is more relevant than ever. So while we are seeing  a levelling off in the traditional commercial print like litho, offset; there is a significant upturn in the digital perspective. If print is made into a commodity, its value comes down, but by building a differentiator value proposition one need not, then have to play the price game.  This is what I would call the Xerox’s graphic communication strategy. There was a recent statistic, specifically  on the iGen’s around the world, that said 75% of the applications done on the iGen were not the reason why the acquisition was made. Means like a smart phone that drives applications, so also our technology.  It enables creative printers to  find new  market opportunities to exploit and make more money.”