Auto Print Machinery Manufacturers with the 25 years of experience in the industry will be entering the Middle East market by offering products of international standards with special features and reliability backed by  after sales services.
Talking about their strategic divergence, C.N. Ashok, MD from Auto Print, said, "We are not a brand which is entering the Middle East as we have machines running in several leading printing companies in Dubai. Currently, we are selling the machines directly and we are looking for distributors or dealers. ME market for several years now has been looking for products only from the west. Due to the economic downturn, products from China and India are being considered now."
He further added, "We have been successful wherever the after sales service has been good and wherever we have aligned with a distributor with a similar wave length as ours. Capital equipments always need commitment to after sales services which is what we are good at. In addition, we have more than 10,000 clients across India and across the globe including countries like the USA and Japan. Moreover, we have a separate R&D team doing continuous product improvements and developments to match the changing technology, consumer needs and demands. Initially, we will be looking at customers from the Packaging segment and then we will be expanding further."