VINSAK,  suppliers of Printing and Packaging solutions have developed Roll Lifter series to ease the handling/movement of rolls at print factories. VRL 250 and VRL 400 are the new models launched. The new VRL series is equipped with safety brake for loading, unloading, and transporting the rolls safely which reduces or even eliminates some occupational injuries. The roll lifter can be rotated over 360º for precise alignment.
Sanjdip Kandhari, director-manufacturing, VINSAK added: “In 2016, we have launched the VRL 350 capable of handling the weight of 350 KG with roll dimension of 500x900(wxh) mm. It got a tremendous response from Printers & Convertors. But a lot of our customers were enquiring about roll lifter which can handle roll width of 1000mm. So we decided to upgrade the existing model to meet the industry requirement. We hope keeping a roll lifter in press room will become an industry norm, so that number of casualties and material damage can be reduced over time.”
He further added about the models, "Web printing is a tedious job and requires workforce to move large print rolls weighing 250 KG to 400 KG from one place to another. Most of the time operators working in the press room, find it tough to move paper rolls due to their weight. Also, there is high risk of injury to the employees and damage to the material."