Rashid Printing invests in Kodak Nexpress  SX3300 digital production colour press to accomodate their short run jobs needs.
Speaking about the reasons for opting the colour press, Zoeb Boxwala, director, Rashid Printers, commented, "We have been doing a lot of printing for high-end customers, but over the years we’ve seen the runs getting shorter and shorter. With our existing offset equipment, we recognized that the cost viability from a production point of view was quickly decreasing. We needed to create a solution for our clients that would deliver the same quality as offset, but deliver the final product on a lower cost basis which made us to go for Kodak Nexpress  SX3300. Our decision to purchase the Nexpress SX3300 Press is driven to a great extent by a desire to improve service for our high-end clients. They demand an exceptionally high level of quality for their projects, but also increasingly want flexibility in run lengths and unique features like the Nexpress Gold Dry Ink option, which is the first toner-based system to provide a metallic look with sparkle effects. We’re using the Nexpress Press as a tool to create real value for our high-end print jobs.”
He further said, “As the first printer in the UAE to have a long sheet feeder capability on a digital press, we are translating more and more jobs from offset onto the Nexpress Press. In addition, our customers are impressed with the exceptional quality of this machine."