For more than 2 years, Flexofit has conducted seminars all over Africa focusing in English speaking nations. Now Flexofit held the first Flexofit Senegal Seminar in the capital Dakar on the 20th June completely in French.
The local expert audience was delighted to learn from and meet with leading international producers. Represen-tatives from global producers like Chespa, DuPont, Esko and Tesa met with the leading businesses from Dakar and the region. The broad audience of local industry staff, represented by top management followed the presentations with keen interest.
Special topics and discussions in the seminar included prepress, plate making, printing devices and facilities, as well as techniques and water-based solutions. The market conditions in Senegal were also broadly discussed, and it turned out, that producers with limited access to market knowledge might perceive, that there is only one big player on this market. If you look closer, there are several companies that compete for the increasing demand for customized packaging materials in the Senegal. The audience as well as the speakers were very pleased with the discussion and exchange of knowledge at the seminar.