Uflex provided a solution to enable Deccan Field Agro Industries to export the Indian Papayas to Dubai by sea. The Uflex UAE branch was one of the reason to make it feasible.
Deccan Field Agro Bangalore, which has large plantations of Papaya in Southern India, was looking for the perfect Packaging solution to export Papaya by Sea Freight. It found that Uflex offers the appropriate technology and solution.
Uflex has been offering its AMAP (Active Modified Atmosphere Packaging) solutions across the world using Perfotec’s Fast Respiration Meter to determine the respiration rate of the fresh produce, and by using their (Perfotec’s) Laser system to make micro perforations based on the respiration rate, weight and the target oxygen levels for creating the perfect modified atmosphere inside the liner bags manufactured from a special patented polymeric composition.
Flexfresh Liner bag by Uflex is described by the company as the only biodegradable solution that maintains the equilibrium of oxygen and carbon dioxide inside the bag with an added advantage of keeping the product dry without losing weight.
The first 40’ refrigerated container set sail from Deccan Field’s pack house to Dubai via the Mangalore sea port. This was the first Ever Container of Indian Papayas to be exported, the first container sent from Mangalore port for fresh fruits and the first container to be received in Dubai containing  only Papayas.