Uflex Limited has developed a speciality polymeric film to replace Bi-axially Oriented Polyamide (BOPA) or Nylon Film from flexible packaging material. The product is available for Middle East market and the customers can order any quantity. In addition, they are ready to offer sample reel for trials.
Talking about this development, Jeevaraj Pillai, joint president, packaging and new product development, Uflex Limited said, “It took us almost 9-10 months to develop the new speciality polymeric substrate. Subsequently we converted it into a laminate to create a packaging solution that is much more functionally enhanced than that comprising BOPA. The new specialty film is much easy to handle without requiring any extra care by the convertors. Being a fully integrated flexible packaging solution company we are in a good stead to incorporate brand protection features like Top Holographic Stamping among other value added attributes.”
Commenting about the new speciality polymeric film, Ashok Chaturvedi, chairman and MD, Uflex Limited said, “The opportunity lies in the womb of the challenge itself. My team always proactively perceives the challenges faced by convertors and brands and subsequently engineers the most enhanced packaging solution to fairly address their pain points. This is what I term as Avant-Garde Value Engineering.”