Vayu Media from Bahrain invested in F7-3200D eco solvent printer which was built on the latest Drop on Demand DX5/7 technology from F7 Printers also known as Fortune 7. The printer has precision two core printheads by Epson backed by Piezo printhead technology and it has a high resolution printing table & feeding system.
Saji Paul, general manger from Vayu Media, commented about the reason for the investment, "We have been thinking for an investment for a while and when we have been enquiring with the leading players in the market and out of everything we have received good positive reviews for F7-3200D eco solvent printer. The quality of print what they offer is the best one in the market and predominantly for the price. In addition, this machine allows us to meet our client’s major requirements and strengthen our in-house production. Finally, the F7 printers is backed up by exclusive Local service team which assures a smooth running of the printing solution and prompt service to minimise downtime for maintenance.”
He further added about the company, "Vayu Media is well known in the Kingdom of Bahrain for last 10 years. Now we are in a stage of upgrading our Divisions with new and advanced technology and equipments to meet our increasing client requirements. Apart from the current investment, we will be investing in LaTeX printer or similar printers and hopefully it would happen before end of this year.