Updates for the Versafire CV and CP family of presses include a new neon spot colour, Prinect 2018 with improved DFE functionality and new substrate management and business analysis tools.
The first in a string of enhancements for the Versafire presses is the release of a new neon pink spot colour that will be available for specification on new Versafire CV five-colour devices. It is also possible to retrofit existing machines.
The new toner adds to the neon yellow that was released last year and is also available for Ricoh’s Pro C7100X cut sheet devices, which the CV is based on. It glows under UV light, making it suitable for a range of promotional work such as nightclub posters, brochures and event tickets. The neon pink toner will be available from around November this year.
Also scheduled for release towards the back end of the year is the new Media Management Tool for the Prinect Digital Front End (DFE). The feature will allow users to set up, save and recall all media settings for complex substrates and is able to store settings for more than 100 types of media.
Versafire customers contracted for version upgrades will also benefit from Prinect 2018, which Matthews said would begin roll-out towards the end of 2017, and whose enhanced features include improved interface design, a new montage editor and faster preview function.
In addition, another new feature for Versafire users is the extension of Heidelberg’s Production Manager business analysis tool, to the Versafire family. The system, already available for offset users, incorporates the business analysis and reporting software Analyze Point and will provide business owners with data across all of its machines.
The new updates are expected to be rolled out towards the end of the year.