Giffin Graphics conducted a four-day event in DWTC from 16 to 19th October. They have invited the customers and media persons to showcase the latest digital printing technologies from Ricoh and Duplo.
Alexandre F Najem, manager - machinery division from Giffin Graphics, said, "During the event, we launched the Duplo DuSense DDC-810 and fifth colour station-neon pink toner on the Ricoh Pro C7100X cut sheet digital production presses. Both the product has received a very good response during the event. Apart from this, we have showcased several major products from Ricoh and Duplo. We have used the show to educate the customer about the new technology and we even started this exercise before couple of months."
Tony Lock, export sales director EMEA+R, commented, " We have been working with Giffin around 1 year and we are pleased to work with Giffin for their professionalism in the business. We are having a very ambitious target for the EMEA region with DDC-810. Since we are one of the largest finishing suppliers in the world in the means of revenue so this region is very important for us. In Duplo we always wanted to offer more values to our products and DuSense DDC-810 is one of them.”
Speaking about the event, Ahmed Fathy, territory business BDM, production printing business group, said, “Ricoh 9100 is our flagship model for cutsheet colour products, the way they handle the media was one of the best. The machine can handle even 400gsm in Duplex and that too without any variation. Customers have many advantages with the product and the product is well positioned but the only issue that they need to have high volumes. However, the product can offer you a better ROI when you have high volumes. The 7000 series is again one of our trademark products which comes with scanner and without the scanner. After receiving the good response we have introduced additional neon pink colour to the product and we may launch new colours in the near future. In the digital print world, everyone can print but we at Ricoh always ensures that we offer more than they expect. We have showcased our 52100 black and white models which is one of the best products used in the government and publishing sectors. Since, the publishing industry is booming we are expecting more from this product.”
Hans van der Horst, wide & LFP marketing specialist, production printing business group from Ricoh, commented, “Large format is our part of our strategic plan which we release once in every three years. This machine allowed us to enter signage industry. The Ricoh Pro L4160 offers the best durability and it has got the ability to print from the white ink. Apart from this, we have also recently launched globally our new direct to garment technology which is one of the best we have seen in the industry.”