Heidelberg kept a special event on ‘Building the Smart Print Shop of the Future’ in Dubai at their office on 25th November. During the event, Anthony Thirlby, Prinect general manager Worldwide, gave the Keynote. The one-day event the visitors were given a detailed information on how Prinect workflow allows them time to run your business, how to react to reporting data, and ultimately improve the level of business productivity and profitability.

During the event, Thirlby, explains the issues that play an important role in moving to the next level of performance and how this is central to the ‘Smart Print Shop.’ He also spoke about the six major key areas that everyone has to focus like customer interaction, reducing touch points, drawing productivity, reducing wastage, optimizing consistency, and Smart BI.

Some of the major points they discussed during the events are on how to increase your sales conversion rates, on how to optimize your job management, on how to eliminate touchpoints, and much more.