Giffin Graphics hosted an open house event during the same week of SGI Dubai and launched d.gen’s Papyrus 740K and Teleios Hexa direct textile printing. Apart from this, they have showcased Ricoh’s 3000i & 6000i tshirt printing machines, Shocklines products, Monti Antonio’s products, and many more. The event was hosted for Middle East, GCC and local customers.
Talking about their products, Bruno Ruggiero from d.gen, Inc., said, “The d.gen Teleios Hexa is a six colour mid volume large format digital textile printer. The direct printing allows for greater ink penetration useful for certain applications such as flags. The other product is the Papyrus 740K which uses best-in-class latest print heads Xaar 1201 that contain 1280 nozzles, 600 native resolution by 2.5pico liters drop size. Even in production speeds of 80m2/hour it is possible to produce high definition prints. We believe that it is always better to have good product for the polyester in fashion market which is growing 20% on every year. Showcasing two products at the show doesn’t mean that we are limited with our services whereas we have several other options as well from our other machines.”
Talking about the open house event, Elias Bekhaazi from Giffin, said, “The exhibitions are becoming more expensive and that is one of the ultimate reason we kept this open event during the SGI Dubai. In addition, the event would allow us to spend more quality time.Again through event, we are addressing the right needs of customers and make sure that we are providing the right solutions with the latest new technology. The PAPYRUS 740K comes with 2.5pico liters and it’s the pertinent machine for the fashion industry. We have invited people from Oman, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, and Jordan so overall we have received customers from ME & GCC. This event is mainly focused for textile industry and we will be having similar events for other industries in the future. We have received around 60 serious prospects through the event. The industry is moving towards greenery solutions so through our water based inks we believe that this is the right solution for the market. We have received around 60 serious prospects through the event. Finally, we believe that the textile industry is under development phase so this will be the appropriate time for everyone to utilize the market.”
Markus Gleissner from Durst said, “We have a good relationship with Giffin and they are supporting us a lot. In the coming years we will be focusing into packaging products in UAE. Soon we will be launching our P5 machine which is going to be a revolution maker in digital market.”