HP showcased new technologies that are empowering hotel designers and manufacturers to reimagine new possibilities with printed decorations. At The Hotel Show in Dubai, HP’s stand featured a unique hotel lobby, a restaurant and part of a hotel room, showing visitors, a glimpse of how interior decorations would look if printed with HP’s complete solution. Interior designer, Robin Sprong also showcased some of his interior design collaborations with HP.
Talking about the event, Ernest Azzam, regional business manager, large format printing Middle East, Mediterranean and Africa HP, commented, “We have been participating in the show for the last four editions but in different versions. The 2017 Hotel Show had a positive response for us, people were very much interested, and they loved what they saw and were even happy with the potential of the technology. We showed the interior designs of Robert Sprong, which was printed by our partner PrintPack. Last year, our stand was designed by a local designer and this year Sprong designed for us, which shows some diversity in the design. The LaTeX is Water-based and environment friendly, therefore it is well accepted by customers.  We have approached many interior designing firms to show our new product and the response we got was very impressive. Earlier, we transformed a typical dull setting of a CT scan room to a colourful comfort zone for Abu Dhabi’s Danat Al Emarat Hospital and now it has increased to few more hospitals in the UAE and even wanted to do it for some of their other rooms as well. There have been a lot of things in media and machines of HP. Media providers along with HP are producing wide range of material, which are sustainable and eco-friendly. 2017 was a challenging year for HP but we saw a very good recovery in 2018 and we believe it will grow more in 2020. HP continues to drive PageWide XL and decoration market. We believe that decoration market will offer good opportunities for our partners to grow. Several hotels are coming up to have different designs for each room which is again a positive sign for our product. The traditional high-end wallpaper is almost priced equivalent to our product, but when they are producing through our machines they can custom each print according to their requirements. Last year, we showcased magnetic wallpaper, which is easy to remove and even this year we have showcased the same. Imagine a party hall where the hotel has to change the background according to the occasion like birthday party, inauguration ceremony, corporate functions and many more. Every time the background has to be changed, so it will be easy for them if they use our products.”
Robin Sprong, interior designer, commented, “I have been working with HP for the last four years and I am happy to collaborate with them. I love the LaTex technology as it is water-based and environment friendly product. The major difference I felt while using the HP product is that you can switch off the machine and go for your weekend, which would reduce the running cost. The drying time is better than other brands, warm-up time is very fast, colours are amazing, depth and consistency is very good. In addition, the HP wall art solution is the one where they are working hard and will be developing more on it. The world has to realize that the product has to be recycled so it is very important for everyone to prefer HP as it is environment friendly. The major difference between South Africa and Middle East customers are the flavour and design. However, the acceptability level of the visitors are very high when compared to my country. We have got a very good relationship among us and they showcase my work to very broad market, which is good for us. Finally, HP always wanted to do different and they love to work with people who have ideas. I feel HP as my extended family.”