Speaking about their participation at GITEX Technology Week, Ayman Ali, senior marketing manager – B2B, Canon ME, said, “We have been participating in the show for a few years now.  This year, we are more focused on technology solutions & software applications, rather than talking about printing alone. We are also highlighting our managed print solutions for HR processing, invoice processing and more.”
“At GITEX, we announced the Office Insights 2018 research, which reveals that Middle Eastern businesses are rapidly investing in cloud and mobile solutions at a rate far surpassing other EMEA markets.  Concentrating on four big pillars, we divided our booth into different experience zones. The first pillar was security, a top priority for majority of the businesses in the ME followed by the second pillar of automation. Nowadays, people have an increased inclination to adopt digital transformation initiatives and they are slowly recognising the benefits of automating operational processes to reduce manpower and avoid errors. Mobility and cloud was the third pillar where the report shows that 51% of IT departments in the region are already providing support to employees’ personal devices.  The final pillar was printing. In addition to our presence at GITEX, we are also working on our ‘Education for Life’ campaign which highlights the role of technology across educational institutions. We have designed 26 applications and aim to reach out to schools and universities across the region through a road show. The road show provides the opportunity to let everyone know how technology is vital in the educational industry for students, teachers and administrators. We are presently working with personalised book printing and digital workflows for the education industry and we will continue to expand to other industries as well. The Canon ‘Education for Life’ road show was launched in Dubai and Abu Dhabi earlier this year, followed by Riyadh, Amman and recently in Kuwait City. The road show will continue to be conducted in various cities across the GCC and the broader Middle East regions this year. We are planning to have series of road shows in Saudi Arabia by next year. Canon’s ‘Education for Life’ campaign comprises of five key pillars, each of which impacts multiple stakeholders and allow school management to build competitive differentiation and preference as a digitally-enabled learning environment. Those five pillars are Cost control, Security, Productivity, Integration and Sustainability.”
"In the year 2017, Canon achieved all of our targets as per our forecast. The year 2018 has been challenging for most, but we are still meeting our targets. Currently we are focusing on Saudi Arabia in addition to other markets as we have found it to be rich with opportunity.”