Labelling with print and technology specialist Brother is now faster and easier, thanks to a collaboration with one of the industry-leading label design software BarTender by Seagull Scientific.
The partnership brings durable laminated label printing from Brother to Bartender for the first time.
According to the company spokesperson, “It is ideal for use in warehousing, distribution, retail and healthcare, BarTender offers ready-to-print or customised solutions for printing address labels, barcodes, discount offers, patient wristbands and more. As well as advanced design features including importing logos and images, the software offers step-by-step guides to ensure compliance with label standards. It also provides security measures such as protecting label formats with passwords and encryption.”
“We’re delighted to announce the partnership, which will enable our customers to create a wide range of customised or template labels easier, faster and better than before, directly from this powerful industry-standard software. Brother laminated labels are now a possibility with BarTender software, which is something we’re proud to introduce to further improve our customers’ experience.”
Brother customers can download the BarTender software drivers from the website.