For the second consecutive year, Canon Middle East, one of the leader in imaging solutions, participated at the Sharjah International Book Fair to continue helping publishers better understand the important role technology plays in creating opportunities and overcoming current industry challenges.

Canon’s participation at this year’s fair follows a successful run at the Abu Dhabi International Book Fair earlier in the year. 

During the event, Canon showcased innovative solutions that can help improve profitability and identify new opportunities for growth for publishers. This included a number of book printing applications using different Canon technologies, starting from entry-level black-and-white production machines to full-colour continuous feed printers.

With its industry-leading continuous feed printers, Canon Middle East provided ideal solutions at the Sharjah International Book Fair for all printing needs, from invoice printing to books, magazines, newspapers direct mail and more.

Additionally, given the rise in coffee-table book printing within the publishing industry, another key highlight for publishers during the fair was how they can scale their solution from printing normal books to coffee-table books. 

Ayman Aly, senior regional marketing manager, Canon Middle East, said: “At Canon, we are committed to serving the publishing industry as we are to any other industry, and we always look for efficient and effective ways to communicate and showcase our latest solutions to them. As a result, we have seen that publishers are always eagerly waiting to learn more about Canon’s offerings.

Given our continuous focus on the publishing industry, we have reached a point that we now fully understand their requirements, and have created a wide portfolio for publishers with scalable solutions to fulfil their requirements. We can assure the solutions we are offering are unique and different from anyone else in the industry.” 

Canon Middle East also leveraged the fair to showcase some of its latest consumer technologies such as the all-new Zoemini, a lightweight, pocket size and portable photo printer, featuring ZINK™ (zero ink) technology. Visitors got a chance to engage with the brand and experience visual storytelling by printing memorable images on the portable photo printer.

Canon has been championing in the publishing industry for many years and has the complete know-how of implementing all types of solutions for businesses, regardless of their size.