The Iraqi Survey Department, part of the Iraqi Ministry of Water Resources sent 2 teams to train at the Print Media Academy Cairo (PMAC) in December 2011.

Twenty members of the Iraqi Survey Department, from technical printers, mechanical and electrical operators to printing managers participated in tailored training programmes focussing on montage and modern prepress. The coursework included guidance on the printing system, prepress & printing plates, colour system and modern printing, while including practical lessons on Heidelberg's equipment.

The 2nd team trained on Printing principles focusing on print shop planning, sianpse print simulator, problem solving and printing principles.

The training was delivered by 4 instructors, each specialized on a topic.

"The course was very professional, instructors explained all topics in detail, allocated enough time for questions and discussions" says Wegdan Kazem technical manager.

Fellow participant, Ahmed Salman, technical oberver said, "The training content was very useful and its method effective, so I strongly recommend this course to my colleagues. I am also quite impressed with the wide variety of courses offered by PMAC which cover all areas of Printing."

Yassin Aly, head of delegation, declared that he is very satisfied with the organization and impact on the trainees, which encourages more cooperation with PMAC in the near future.