Algerian security forces have raided a printer and ordered its director to cease the printing job of a journalist’s new manuscript in Algeria.
According to online media reports, the manuscript, entitled The Journal a Free Man, was written by Mohamed Benchicou and was confiscated from a printing plant in Blida, north of Algiers.
The raid came only a few days before Algeria held an International Book Fair on October 27 to November 5 last year.
A former publisher of the French-language daily, Le Matin, Benchicou served two years in jail for allegedly violating the country’s currency laws in 2003.
In other parts of the country press freedom is not doing much better either.
In September last year, the Supreme Court  overturned the defamation convictions of editor-in-chief, Omar Belhouchet, and columnist Chawki Amari of the Algiers-based independent daily, El Watan with the high court ordering a new trial.
The original trial court had convicted the two journalists of insulting the governer of the northeastern province of Jijel and issued a fine of $15,000.
The case came from a column published in December 2006 in which Amari accused the governer of using public funds to buy a car for his mistress.
The governer denied the accusation.
However, in December last year a criminal court in Algiers sentenced Belhouchet and report Salima Tlemcani to three-month prison terms.
The two were convicted of defamation in connection with a 2004 article that questioned the practices of an Algiers faith healer.