Printing in Uganda is booming, says the Uganda Printers Association.

That’s according to an online report that says despite the digital era, in Uganda, there is still a strong demand for print.

The association estimates that some 6,000 people are now employed in the print industry compared to the 2,000 people 10 years ago.

This has been attributed to the growing population and new markets in neighbouring countries such as Rwanda, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Burundi and Southern Sudan.

“Electronic communication has not yet grown to the level that would replace printing,” Andrew Kyagalanyi of Print Masters reportedly said.

“Companies still have to print newsletters, posters, calendars and reports to reach their audience.”

Esso Graphics business director Emmanuel Ssozi said the local industry was one where people depended on one another.

“Unlike larger printers who do everything from designing to post press, many small firms do part of the job.  The remainder depends on others to do the rest,” he said.

Harriet Nambi of NKH Graphics said she managed to secure several clients everyday as business was doing well.

“I get the work, do what I can and run to cutters, binders, numberers and sealers to finish the job. What is important is to do a timely and quality job,” said Nambi.