DigiPro, a distributor of Canon Middle East in Egypt, has installed the first Canon proofing solution in the country with International Printing House (IPH).
The installation is said to be the first of its kind for Canon in Egypt which will further contribute to the growth of the country’s graphic arts industry.
“Canon is committed to providing the highest standards of support in the Professional Print industry and is a trusted partner to its customers helping them drive profitable business performance through continued understanding of the needs of their customers. Our partnership with DigiPro has helped us build in-roads with IPH, for Canon’s cutting edge proofing solutions,” said Naoshi Yamada, deputy managing director, Canon Middle East.
DigiPro provided IPH with a Canon proofing solution, which guarantees the best matching quality including a fifth colour clear toner, which is very much in demand among Egyptian printing press environments. The fifth clear toner will enable them to produce effects including security patterns, highlighting some printing area, drawing special patterns, etc.
“Canon as a brand is the perfect choice for Graphic Arts industry when it comes to areas including contract proofing, high quality colour and monochrome printing, book and magazine printing, and also personalized print jobs. DigiPro provided us with the best proof printing solution from Canon, which can seamlessly integrate with all our workflows,” said Mohamed Helal, deputy managing director, International Printing House.