Oman based Mazoon Printing, Publishing & Advertising has opened a showroom and sales office in Ghala. The new office is located just off the main highway and is fully operational with sales, typesetting, design and consultation  services.

Senior person from Mazoon Printing  commented, “Mazoon intends to make it easier for clients and prospective clients to have easy access to their products and people by having an office half way between their factory in Wadi Kabir and Seeb. Clients can give artwork, designs, receive typesetting and printed proofs, obtain prices and delivery schedules if they do not have the time to travel to Mazoon factory. 

The new office also showcases Mazoon’s many printed products which are on display for all to see.”

Mazoon Printing, Publishing & Advertising LLC is a printing solution company which is located in Oman. They have been supplying products to the region for over 40 years. They provide in house design, pre-press services, printing, digital printing large format and post press services. Also, they are the part of the W J Towell group who boasts one of Oman’s most illustrious corporate pasts.