Fujifilm Europe has launched an improved version of its Pro-T processless thermal plate featuring a “second-generation” coating, which the firm said would improve on-press performance.

The Brillia HD Pro-T2, which has the same specifications as its predecessor in terms of sensitivity, resolution and run length, features an improved coating that allows for better performance across a wider range of press conditions.

Technical manager for plates at Fujifilm Europe, Sean Lane, said: “Clearly, there are a lot of variables when it comes to printing, such as different inks, fount solutions, paper grades, chemicals and press conditions, and like with any plate, certain combinations of those are not ideal. What we’ve tried to do is make the plate more tolerant and more suitable to all different types of inks, founts and press conditions, so that whatever unusual inks or founts you might be using, or whatever the condition of your press, you will be able to get the best from the plate.”

Despite its improved coating, Lane said the plate was not yet capable of being used with UV inks, although he added that this was one of Fuji’s main ambitions for future updates.

In addition to better on-press performance, Fuji said that Pro-T2 has a harder-wearing coating for easier handling and wider imaging tolerances to improve compatibility with the latest platesetters, and that it requires fewer sheets to run-up to copy, enabling faster start-up.

Fuji, which has completed more than 500 European deals for of the original Pro-T since its launch in 2006, is in the process of migrating its customer base over to the Pro-T2 plate.

brillia hd pro-t2

Sensitivity        120mJ/cm2
Resolution                1-99% at 200lpi conventional
Run length        100,000
Bakeable          no
UV ink resistant no, but possible in future versions

Pricing                    10-20% above processed equivalent (plate only)