Sun Chemical is working with digital press manufacturer HP Indigo to produce a range of coatings to speed up the adoption of digital printing in the packaging industry. A new range of coatings including overprint varnishes and adhesives specially formulated for use in digital devices is set to be launched soon.
Marcos Valdezate, Sun Chemical’s BDM for coatings for digital applications, said: “We recognise that some transformation of the packaging industry as we know it today in terms of printing, is already starting to happen. Some large converters have already started looking into digital processes so the aim of this agreement is to facilitate that transition by enabling end-to-end solutions.
“Our intention is to ensure that the printers and converters can deliver the performance required by the brand owners to packaging specification and industry standards – that the inks are staying on the surface and wedding properly to the substrates with the appropriate resistance.”
Valdezate said that HP Indigo had already invested a great deal of time and resources upgrading print processes and workflows that would facilitate packaging applications, so the work by Sun Chemical in developing coatings and adhesives is one of the key enablers to making digital packaging production a reality.