Antalis has launched a new compact portable roll storage product designed to make it easier to handle and transport rolls of large-format media.
The Stock & Roll, which is commercially available immediately, can hold up to six rolls of up to 2m wide – accommodating both 2in and 3in cores, while taking up minimal floor space with its 600mm diameter.
The option of extra roll splitters allows more rolls to be added, which enables users to double or triple their storage capacity.
The device features a patented roll blocking system, which Antalis said ensures fluent mobility on all kinds of floor while its ergonomic, sturdy design is said to make it easy to transport up to six heavy rolls securely and then load and unload them easily.
Antalis Visual Commun-ications head of channel Chris Green said: “The beauty of the Stock & Roll is that, because it’s interchangeable and you can put different size rolls on it, you don’t have to worry about things falling over.
“It has been designed to provide an innovative way for printers to store more rolls in a smaller capacity, all the while being incredibly convenient to handle. For busy customers, the result is space optimisation, reduced downtime spent transporting different rolls individually and, in turn, increased productivity.”
Green said systems capable of holding rolls wider than 2m could be sourced by Antalis if requested by customers.
The range, which is high white, is commercially available now in standard grades as well as a 75gsm sheet. It is said to provide a combination of runnability and copy quality due to its improved bulk.
Antalis said reacto also offers less dusting on longer production runs and less abrasion and wear on cutting knives, as well as improved fading resistance and archive life.
Antalis channel director for print James Jarvis said: “One of the ways Antalis strives to keep its customers competitive, both through quality of offer and price, is through its coordinated pan-European purchasing.”