Domino Digital Printing Solutions has launched a new 7-colour ink set for the N-Series Digital Label Press at Labelexpo Europe 2017.  Designed and optimised for use specifically with the Domino N610i hardware and workflow, the new UV90 ink set is suitable for many media types, particularly in areas of low density tints and can reproduce over 92% of the Pantone range in High Quality Mode (50m/min) says the manufacturer.
UV90 has been formulated to be both EuPIA and Swiss Ordinance compliant since compliance is an important factor when printing for food packaging.  
Simon Howes, productmanager for the N-Series at Domino Digital Printing Solutions comments: “We are expecting that the new UV90 ink set will be well received by the industry. The UV90 ink set has significantly improved adhesion across a wide range of industry standard substrates, reducing the need for inline priming, or the need to use more expensive pre-coated medias. All early customers have reported superior adhesion levels across all tested media types and confirmed that neither priming nor pre-coated media is required. This allows significant savings to be made to their overall production costs.  
Additional improvements have also been made to other mechanical properties. Lightfastness scores have a significantly higher rating when measured with the Blue Wool Scale, achieving the highest possible score of eight on most media types. Abrasion resistance is also greatly improved to maximise the shelf-life and shelf appeal of the final printed products. The white opacity of the Domino N610i label press has always been the highest in the industry.