Germany-based PerfectPattern’s web-based EasyApps utilize the company’s powerful algorithms to calculate the optimal layouts of gang forms for entire job pools in seconds. These make up the powerful sPrint One engine, which is also used in sPrint One, “the most modern solution for dynamic sheet optimization and print planning.” Billing is based on usage, but because of a temporary introductory offer, the apps are now available free of charge. PerfectPattern explained the benefits and usage of the apps in a webinar.
“Every printing company is familiar with the time-consuming and complex calculation of printing a multitude of different jobs with maximum efficiency,” said the company. “Without suitable software, executing this process with the necessary speed and precision is virtually impossible.”
“Many print houses are investing heavily in printing presses, but most of them do not carefully exploit the potential of their existing machinery,” said Robert Meissner, one of PerfectPattern’s managing directors. “With our EasyApps, they can now optimize the production of their print jobs. They maximize the capacity utilization of their presses, minimize set-up processes, and decisively lower material waste and production costs.”