A new stand alone cross cutter has been developed by Autobond.

The CC76 – which can be utilised with any make of sheet-fed laminator or encapsulator – is the first machine the company has manufactured for use with competing products.

“The new CC76 can be interfaced with any sheet-fed laminator or encapsulator and will cut material as thick as 500 micron (10mm) polyester,” said managing director John Gilmore.

He added: “The CC 76 is the only dual purpose, stand alone cutter on the market. An arrowhead blade is used to cut laminated work and this can cross cut single-sided nylon and polyester where sheets have been under-lapped. The blade can be changed within a couple of minutes for a circular cutting disc, which enables the separation of encapsulated work.”

According to Gilmore, material can be cut up to 76 cm (30 inch) wide with the CC 76 being able to “handle any length of web”.

According to a statement released by Autobond, the first model to be built is due to be delivered to a customer in Toronto, Canada this month. It will be linked with both a Billhofer laminator and Autofeed’s encapsulator to produce mouse-mats.