Mailing equipment manufacturer Neopost has launched its latest high-volume mailing line.

According to Neopost, the DS-1200 is a modular machine that can be added to as demand for mailing increases.

It runs at up to 12,000 envelopes per hour, which Neopost said was the highest possible speed while remaining efficient.

Neopost also claims to have cut downtime on the machine, almost completely, by adding a ‘Job Wizard’ function. Users can select any pre-programmed jobs and the system automatically calibrates itself in minutes. Envelope sizes can be easily changed and envelopes of up to 6mm thickness can be handled, along with glossy or coated paper stock, process business reply envelopes and mail thick booklets. Its ability to handle documents up to 6mm thick allows it to process a range of mail items, adapting to promotional and direct marketing campaigns or handling invoices and monthly statements, for example.

Applications requiring top, middle or bottom addresses are fully supported, eliminating operational costs incurred in printing and stocking various types of envelopes.

For companies working in secure mailing, the machine includes 1D or 2D barcode, or OMR systems. Optional data logging and integrity checking software can be added to ensure 100% accurate mail handling. It has a PC-driven user interface which allows application programming and control of all aspects of the machine, as well as greater access to production data and reports. The interface includes a real time status of the applications being run and allows the operator to access detailed statistics. Optional data logging and integrity-checking software ensures one hundred percent accurate mail handling. It also provides a proof of processing and a complete audit trial.