Autobond has developed a stand alone cross cutter.

Called the CC 76, it can be used with any make of sheet-fed laminator or encapsulator, the first time the manufacturer has introduced a product that can be integrated with competitors’ equipment. The first model was built in the UK and was apparently delivered to a customer in Toronto, Canada in June. 

According to managing director, John Gilmore: “The new CC 76 can be interfaced with any sheet-fed laminator or encapsulator and will cut material as thick as 500 micron (10 mil) polyester.”

He continued: “An arrowhead blade is used to cut laminated work and this can cross cut single-sided nylon and polyester where sheets have been under-lapped. The blade can be changed in minutes for a circular cutting disc, enabling the separation of encapsulated work.

Gilmore said “material can be cut up to 76cm wide and the CC 76 will handle any length of web”. He added that the length of sheet determines the throughout speed, and a B2 (28 inch) job should allow a top speed of 60m per minute.

The CC 76 can also be programmed to make a double cut for flush cut or tab work. Two dancing rollers ensure that the web is maintained at a constant tension throughout production, while ultrasonic detectors provide pinpoint accuracy for the servo driven flying knife. Separated sheets are delivered onto an optional speed-adjustable shingle table or straight into a vibrating jogger. If required, the CC 76 can be moved between equipment so it can be linked to different laminators/encapsulators at a customer’s site.