Mailing equipment manufacturer Pitney Bowes has teamed up with HP to offer colour printing for high-volume transactional mail.

Pitney Bowes will be using the HP T300 Inkjet engine, which was re-branded from the HP Inkjet Web Press, in its IntelliJet Printing System. The T300 was launched at Print 09 in Chicago this September, but is already available worldwide. Initial installations are expected in early 2010.

According to Pitney Bowes, the IntelliJet will be available for less than $4m.

Ian Davidson, vice president of DMT International at Pitney Bowes, said that the company would be concentrating on the transactional mailing market, not competing with HP’s own machines in other areas. It will be exclusively available from Pitney Bowes.

He said: “In the mailing chain, Pitney Bowes had all areas covered – the only missing point was the printing. HP has the best technology in the inkjet market right now. It has a much greater resolution, running at 1,200x600dpi and it is much faster.”

The IntelliJet operates at 122 metres per minute with a 762mm wide-format colour quality. Users can produce 4-up 178mm forms at up to 3,490 impressions per minute (iph) and 3-up 216mm forms at up to 2,600iph.

As well as HP’s printing abilities, the system also features Pitney Bowes’ transactional workflow system to link up the printing and mailing elements and Pitney Bowes’ service and support.