Muller Martini has introduced 2 customised loading systems into the market.

According to information received, the stream feeder from Muller Martini is a system for continuous loading of feeders in saddle stitchers.

“The log technology and the resulting fully automatic production process will lead to clearly measurable automation effects downstream of the printing press and in finishing processes,” says Patrick Treyer, saddle stitcher product manager at Muller Martini.

“The benefits are noticeable even in the area of personnel costs. When manually loading feeders, multiple work steps such as alignment, jogging and inserting sections are involved.

At 14,000 cycles per hour with sections of 64 pages, an employee can simultaneously load a maximum of two feeders.

If logs are used instead, one person can easily load up to five feeders.”

The PrintRoll roller system from Muller Martini wraps products in the A4 range on rollers.

Alongside saddle stitchers and perfect binder lines, inserting machines, rotary trimmers and folding and addressing systems can also be integrated.