Muller Martini enjoyed a positive exhibition experience at Ipex, said company officials, showcasing innovations to post press machines.

The manufacturer was able to sell its Primera 160 saddle stitcher to a printing house in Germany, its new Bolero B9 perfect binder to a customer in Switzerland and Two Presto E90 saddle stitchers to English customers.

The Bolero B9 perfect binder line, 'produces 9000 cycles an hour is equipped with a 24-station 3694 gathering machine, a Frontero front trimmer, an Orbit three-knife trimmer, a CB18 book stacker and processes PUR with the VPN book spine nozzle and the SPN side glue nozzle' it was learnt.

While the saddle stitchers are 'highly automated with a production speed of 9000 cycles per hour, equipped with a setup wizard, which reduces set-up and change over times considerably' said the manufacturer.

In another announcement, the manufacturer has developed the Diamant MC digital specifically to guarantee efficient binding of digitally printed photo books, which have ultra-short runs. The system can produce photo books efficiently from just one copy.

Diamant MC digital canperform at up to 2100 cycles per hour with book blocks of varying thickness with the same book case spine width. The system essentially comprises three sections: the infeed area, the lining area and the casing-in area. Each of these areas changes over as soon as the last book leaves the section in question.