Finishing equipment manufacturer Kolbus has launched a stripped-down model of its HD153P trimmer, the HD153.M.

The machine is designed for thicker magazines, catalogues and books, where users are likely to be producing more "consistent products".

Kolbus's HD153.M follows on from its flagship HM153P trimmer. It runs at 6,600 cuts per hour and can be attached to any binding line that runs at more than 8,000 sheets per hour.

The 153.M does not include the counter stacker that comes with the 153P, although it features the same automation, dual infeeds and pusher. It can handle thicknesses from 2-80mm and sizes from 100x100mm to 300x420mm trimmed size.

Kolbus managing director Robert Flather said: "Some companies don't need the counter stacker, if they are running consistent products and know they can use the pusher.

"We call it our entry-level high-speed trimmer - we have removed some of the bells and whistles where there is no need for them."

Flather said that the company had sold a large number of 153Ps since the machine's launch, and many of those could have been sold 153.Ms.

He added: "Anywhere there is bulk in the product, this would be perfect; if it is a thin magazine you will need a counter stacker, but once you move into the thicker end of magazines, brochures and books the 153.M comes into its own."