British Industries Printing & Packaging in Shuwaikh (Kuwait) will be installing a new printing press and a combined processing system from Muller Martini, commencing it into operation by the end of this year, it was announced in a statement released to the press.

The company, founded in 1993, has invested in a hybrid Cromoman printing press from manroland, which offers a solution for any configuration, ranging from 4/4-colour printing on one web or 2/2-colour printing on two webs, to 1/1-colour printing on four webs.

In order to ensure optimum finishing for a diverse range of printed products, British Industries has said that they had also chosen a combined press delivery system and newspaper dispatch solution from Muller Martini.

The solution will consist of two NewsGrip-A chains to ensure products are transported quietly and securely, as well as a Preciso high-performance rotary trimmer for three-sided trimming at maximum press speed.

There are two packing lines with a Listo stacker and Orgapack strapping technology to guarantee good quality packages, claims Muller Martini.

British Industries will be putting the new printing press and finishing system into operation later this year. At some point in the future, they say, the system is also set to be expanded with an inserting machine and bundle formation equipment.

British Industries Printing and Packaging are primarily commercial printers taking up jobs like annual reports, brochures and calendars, printed on its several sheet-fed offset machines, ranging from four to ten colours.