Muller Martini launched a fully automated three-knife trimmer for book production at Graph Expo, which took place on 11-14 September in Chicago.

The SigmaTrimmer reads each book individually during infeed with its barcode scanner and all settings are made automatically.

The knives on the SigmaTrimmer are permanently mounted and the products are moved towards them on a turntable, which means that a wide range of books of different formats, sizes and print runs can be trimmed at up to 1,000 cycles per hour without interruption.

The machine is aimed at printers who cover a range of jobs and find that they lose significant time during changeovers when using a conventional three-knife trimmer.

It is also targeted at those that want to enter the digital printing market with smaller machines, book printers that use both digital and offset processes and those with very small print runs.

Managing director Andreas Schillinger said: "This is the first time that we have sold the trimmer as a standalone unit as it was previously integrated in the Sigma system. The market is not always there for the fully integrated system and we want to be a supplier of individual components, which people can add to as the business grows.

This trimmer does not require any manual intervention which makes it stand out from other machines."