Heidelberg has joined forces with Kodak and perfector manufacturer Popp to produce a mailing line that the companies believe could revolutionise personalised mailing.

The Stahlfolder Flexomailer mailing system uses Kodak Prosper S10 inkjet print heads and a perfecting module from Popp to print personalized content on both sides of a sheet.

It also combines QR codes with an integrated camera system to ensure that the inkjet imprint on the reverse side matches the information at the front, such as the recipient's address.

He said: "Our customers benefit from the best possible machine components for complex mailing systems, and we provide the security of an end-to-end, tried-and-tested complete solution."

Kirschke added that the major benefit of the Stahlfolder Flexomailer system is its ability to process sheets "easily and cost-effectively", due to its fast set-up times.

Heidelberg's head of postpress commercial Thomas Kirschke said that the technology was "key" to enabling users to meet the increasing trend towards more target group-specific mailing campaigns, which bring added value.

The machine components of Heidelberg and Popp use the same control system. As a result, the entire machine network can be operated from start to finish with standardized control technology.

The Prosper S 10 inkjet print heads from Kodak operate in stream inkjet mode. This means that the print head continuously generates small drops of inks that can be deflected by means of a timed stream of air. This technology boasts a higher printing speed and a consistently sharp print image.