API Holographics has launched chrome-based hot stamping security foil as a security solution for use on vehicle number plates.

Aimed to help government and affiliated organisations, the chrome foil is specifically designed to be weather and heat resistant and can be used to print wallpaper or registered holographic images onto vehicle license plates.

Designed to ISO standards, the pigment foils can be either plain or inscripted with the customer's own text specifically for the numbers and letters of a licence plate, while the company's holographic foils can add different levels of security to a 3rd licence plate labels, tax discs and other windscreen permits say the manufacturers.

Stephen Clarke, MD, comments, "With the launch of the chrome foil, we feel we now have the complete package of formidable, fully integrated security solutions that can help governments, vehicle registration and transport organisations worldwide to stay one step ahead of the counterfeiters and tax evaders. In the last year, we have actively been looking to improve and expand our offering of security solutions, while making them more targeted at the end user."