Xerox's has launched new automatic finishing solution for booklets which the manufacturer says eliminates bottlenecks often associated with in-line and off-line booklet production - allowing printers to complete more jobs faster.

The IntegratedPLUS Finishing Solution for Booklets offers the industry's 'first off-line automation by combining the efficiency of in-line with the flexibility of off-line into one device'.

Among the features of the IntegratedPLUS finishing solution are a dual mode feeder that allows an in-line finisher traditionally dedicated to a single digital print system to accept and handle printed output from multiple presses when operated in off-line mode.

The touchless workflow in prepress operations boosts uptime by eliminating the need for manual prepress and finisher setup - booklet jobs are preflighted and imposed according to the requirements of each job, and the finishing device automatically knows how they should be stitched and folded.

The multiple print engines can take advantage of a single booklet maker says Xerox in a statement released to the press, whether in-line or off-line, so operators can print one job, such as postcards,whilea stack cart is wheeled to a finisher for creating booklets.

Xerox's IntegratedPLUS Finishing Solution for Booklets will be available globally in the later part of this year.