A new entry-level inkjet spot UV coater is set to hit the market this summer.
A prototype of the MK3 from Belgian manufacturer Argos Solutions was shown at Ipex. The firm said it would be available in eight weeks.
The device can apply up to 10 layers of coating to create effects up to 1.8mm thick. It has an adjustable feed table and can handle items up to 1cm in depth. “We are trying to build a system that is affordable for small companies that can’t afford a Scodix or MGI system. We wanted to make it as cheap as possible,” said Argos print consultant Robert Rogiers.
The MK3 will cost around €75,000 ($ 104,040 ), making it half the price of some existing devices. It is made in Belgium.
It has a maximum format of 540x360mm and runs at 100pph although speed will vary depending on the amount of coating being applied and area of coverage.
The coater uses Epson inkjet heads and LED curing. If the coating is cured immediately it creates a matt coating, or if cured after the application of three layers it gives a gloss effect.
“People are interested in that combination with the same varnish,” Rogiers added.
The MK3 registers around an exact zero point. “You can shift the zero point to a specific area on the sheet, say if you were spot varnishing just one element. In which case it would also run faster, it could be 700sph,” he stated. Argos says sheets can be handled immediately after coating.
The device comes in automatic and manual versions, and an A2-format version is also planned. Argos Solutions makes a range of flat coaters and web cleaning devices.