Automatic cutting machine
specialist Elitron is premiering
a new high-performance
system at Fespa Digital, and
also has a new automated
handling system for industrial
printers on its booth.
The Italian manufacturer
is showing the Kombo SD2
cutter plotter for the first
time. It can cut through
materials up to 120mm thick,
and the gantry has two independent
axes – one with a
high-power 50,000rpm milling
module, the other with
traditional cutting tools. It
also features an automatic
tool changer.
The Kombo SD2 comes in
a range of formats and prices
start at around $104,976.
Elitron is also entering a
new area of the market with
its Heleva materials handling
system, which was shown as
a prototype last year and is
now commercially available.
The Heleva has been created
by Elitron’s Researching
Full Automation division and
uses intelligent suction cups
to deliver the required type
and quantity of material to
wide-format industrial
printers.“It’s an intelligent
system and can handle four
different types of stack,”
explained marketing and
sales coordinator Caroline
Bell. “The printer can be driven by the Heleva, or
interfaced to it. We’ve had a
lot of interest in it already.”
Elitron said the Heleva
would pay for itself in three
years. The firm is about to
install the first unit at an
Italian POS printer.
The manufacturer is celebrating
its 30th anniversary
this year. Its origins lie in cutting
systems for leather for
the automotive and furniture
industries, and it brought its
know-how into the graphic
arts area relatively recently.
At Fespa Digital the firm
took a sideswipe at established
competitors in the cutting
arena, and the
messaging on its booth said:
“the prehistoric giants have
had their time – we create
your future”.