InkTec has launched its first superwide device, the 3.2m UV roll-to-roll Jetrix RX3200, and is planning a 5m device as it targets a push into outdoor and high-volume production.

At 3.2m wide, the Jetrix RX3200 is more than a metre wider than any of InkTec’s existing machines, which are all flatbed devices with roll-to-roll options rather than dedicated roll-to-roll printers.

The Jetrix RX3200 is equipped with 16 Konica Minolta KM series 14pL printheads and is available in four-colour (four printheads per colour) and eight-colour (two printheads each: CMYK, light cyan, light magenta, light yellow and light black) configurations. Commercial wide format printers will be amazed at the RX3200’s performance, defining a new quality standard for indoor and outdoor graphic applications.

Maximum print resolution is 1,440dpi while output speed ranges from 36 square metre/hour in highest quality mode to 169square metre/hour in maximum productivity mode, for the four-colour device (the eight-colour machine is approximately 40 percentage slower).

Features on the superwide device include a winding system for heavy media, an option to load multiple rolls on the feed to print at the same time, and an automatic nozzle cleaning function.

The printer accommodates a variety of substrates and allows the user to load bulk media onto the feeds to print simultaneously, in addition to a winding device to handle heavier materials with ease. 

The machine has the least operational requirements where the power should be 3Phase 4Wire, / 380V / 50~60Hz / 50A and the compressed air should have 0.5MPa.

The Jetrix RX3200 will be shown at Fespa 2015 in Cologne, Germany from 18-22 May following its debut at Sign & Digital UK in March.

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