Nilpeter is set to become the first press manufacturer to install GEW’s new ArcLED hybrid UV curing system onto its existing machines and has also revealed more details about its Panorama DP-3 UV inkjet digital press line.

The ArcLED hybrid UV curing system will be installed on three of the company’s FA-4* UV-flexo presses, which are designed for high productivity of pressure-sensitive labels and flexible packaging.

One of these FA-4* orders comes from Leeds-based OPM Group while two other orders come from large US converters. With the GEW ArcLED curing system, the same lamphead casing is used with interchangeable pull-out cassettes for arc and LED, including the same power supply and control. The associated Rhino-ArcLED power supply automatically recognises the type of cassette being used and adapts all parameters accordingly, including the correct power type and running parameters. The ArcLED curing system is also an option for Nilpeter’s new Panorama DP-3 UV inkjet digital press line, which will receive its its global debut at Labelexpo, which will take in Brussels, Belgium from 29 September to 2 October.

Nilpeter said the DP-3 UV is “highly productive” and produces a variety of label jobs in short-to-medium run lengths with minimum wastage. The manufacturer has adapted many of its inline finishing modules to suit digital printing. They include a web in-feed, varnishing unit, the QC-Die-cutting system, smart matrix stripping, length slitting, varnishing unit and small-roll dual rewinds.

The press has a maximum printing width of 322mm on up to 350mm wide web. It prints up to 50m/min using paper or filmic label laminates from 90 to 350 microns.