SA International (SAi) and EFI  have announced their decision to collaborate to deliver seamless device integration for Fiery driven    print-and-cut environments.  According to both companies, the new Fiery workflow option increases throughput by increasing automation    and reducing operator intervention.

The EFI Cut Server Option for Fiery proServer and Fiery XF digital front ends software option from SAi  enables users of the Fiery workflow solutions to now enjoy a fully  integrated end-to-end print-and-cut workflow.

“As both companies have global customer bases, the provision of an easily integrated SAi-powered EFI Cut Server Option that enables Fiery customers to drive all the cutters in their business is a terrific advantage for them,” said Sarit Tichon, senior vice president Worldwide Sales, SAi.

Speaking for EFI, Stefan Spiegel, GM, Fiery Wide Format, commented: “With the continued introduction of new types of signage applications and materials, our customers are constantly looking to us to help them streamline their operations and meet customer deadlines. Fiery technology offers our customers unparalleled processing speed and quality, and           now the new Cut Server Option brings them meaningful new benefits.”