Esko introduced its latest 3.2x3.2m cutting table with a new semi-automatic feeder for the first time at Fespa.

“It allows for semi-unattended operation,” explained Esko director of digital finishing Stuart Fox. “Printers are often producing 3.2mx1.6m sheets. This loads a sheet, cuts it, and the conveyor then advances it so the operator can start dealing with that piece while it cuts the next sheet.”

The list price for the feeder is $62,507, while the cutting table costs up to $250,030 depending on configuration. 

“The feeder can also lift substrates that weigh up to 50kg. It means the machine can run continuously and throughput is not dictated by the operator, or the number of operators,” Fox added. 

The C64 features a carbon-composite traverse beam for high-precision operation, and has a powerful 3kW milling capacity. “The market in general is good; it’s very dynamic. There’s so much innovation in this space and brand owners love it because they are always looking for fresh ideas,” Fox said.

Esko software subsidiary Enfocus has also teamed up with Onyx Graphics (1-J20) for a collaboration aimed at improving large-format printing workflows. Onyx Switch Configurator is based on Enfocus’ Switch automation software.