German post-press supplier and manufacturer Hohner has announced that it has produced an upgrade and replacement to the HSB 8.000 saddle-stitcher.

Currently in test phase, the HSB 9.000 has a variety of improvements on the 8.000 model and was shown to the public for the first time at Drupa.

Hohner marketing director Susanne Schöllhorn said: “The HSB 9.000 is the successor and will replace the HSB 8.000 model completely.  It has a higher speed of 9.000 instead of 8.000 products per hour. Briefly, the new HSB 9.000 is again more user-friendly, faster and offers more options than the previous one.”

The 9.000 has a fully graphic seven-inch colour touchscreen and a simplified user menu. It also offers a wider range of formats than the 8.000, ranging from the smaller sizes to DIN A4 plus. New to this model, it has horizontal feeders, which are ergonomically designed so that both they and vertical feeders can be used interchangeably. It will be fully replacing the 8.000 model, which will be taken out of production shortly after Drupa.

The company believes that the machine has great potential in the current market. Managing director hans-Peter Schöllhorn said: “It is obviously hard to predict numbers. But we strongly believe in a great market for this machine. The situation of reduced competition due to the exit of Heidelberg in this segment has certainly widened our potential.”

“The best input for new developments comes actually from users, to whom we listen carefully. Having done this, we feel confident to say that we have developed a new model that fits and suits the needs of the market.”