Croatian manufacturer Azonprinter has launched what it claims is the only wide-format UV-curable inkjet flatbed printer on the market that can print on objects up to 200mm in height.
The UV Matrix is available with immediate effect in sizes of 600x1,200mm (S) and 600x1,800mm (M) while the bed size of the UV Matrix Pro is 1,100x2,500mm (L).
The device, which has a resolution of up to 2,880dpi and can handle heavy materials up to 100kg, is suitable for producing a range of printed applications including USB drives, smartphone cases, lighters and pens.
The manufacturer said the UV LED lamp curing system instantly and efficiently adheres ink to any kind of substrate including PET, ABS, polycarbonate, TPU, wood, stone, glass, canvas, ceramic, aluminum and leather.
The machine’s zoned vaccum bed holds material flat and steady to ensure stable printing and enable printing on soft and thin materials.
Azonprinter sales and marketing manager Žaklina Begi said: “We believe this product will be popular in the furniture industry, with graphic designers and in the sign industry.
“We will see how everything will go regarding the market but we believe this machine will find its niche once customers have a chance to experience everything it can offer, especially regarding high-quality resolution and reliable print.”
The Matrix comes with a bulk ink system using six 500ml ink tanks. Azonprinter’s ink recirculation is said to prevent the pigment in white ink from settling, which provides more consistent white layer. As a result, ink tanks can be refilled from ink bottles, ink waste is minimised and printing can be continued without interruption.
Ink configuration comes in CMYK plus two white channels and two clear channels.
A separately available rotary adapter, Rotax, also enables the device to print onto cylindrical and cone objects with diameters that range from 41mm to 127mm and on objects up to 279mm high.