Kodak has partnered with software analytics specialist Yellowfin to deliver its new real-time analytics-enabled cloud workflow platform for print businesses.
Central to the new cloud platform is its Decision Analytics engine, powered by Yellowfin’s Business Intelligence software, which is designed to reduce costs and risk by monitoring production in real-time, continually collecting production data and sending the print operator reports on processes such as colour usage and print passes.
Hosted on the Microsoft Azure platform, Kodak’s Prinergy Cloud can be integrated with printers’ existing Kodak software and according to the manufacturer will lower operating costs by reducing hardware and administrative overheads.
Touted to be the print industry’s first analytics-enabled workflow, Prinergy Cloud’s System Performance Service provides the print production reporting while its File Archive and Backup feature protects against data loss and provides automated archiving.
“We’ve heard a common theme with customers saying there has been so much done over the years to shorten cycle time and automate, that they are reaching a point where it is hard to see where they can make additional improvements,” said Kodak’s Unified Workflow Solution portfolio manager, Steve Miller.
“So this is where we realised that having an analytics-enabled workflow must be our driving principle. Everything we do for new services going forward will be analytics enabled. Machine data that can help our custmers understand where there are productivity issues will be presented in a way that they can drill through and see data in a visually simple manner.”
“Our driving force is that we wanted to add value and not just take our existing software and add it to the cloud,” he added.
Customers can subscribe to the service from $249 per month, which includes the file archive and backup service, the Decision Analytics dashboard, RBA automation and 500GB of storage. Subscription packages are also available for 1TB and 2TB packages.