Inkjet ink and printer manufacturer InkTec will unveil its new 3.2m Jetrix LXi8 LED-UV flatbed printer at Sign & Digital show in UK.
The new high-speed device is a step into the volume production market for the traditionally entry- and mid-level machine manufacturer with the hope that it will become InkTec’s flagship printer.
The 3.2m LXi8 flatbed boasts a top print speed of 206sqm/hr in high-speed mode and can print at resolutions of up to 1,080x720dpi. It features the latest Konica Minolta i series print heads and can handle rigid media up to 3.2x2.03m and up to 100mm thick.
“It’s hard to say what this can’t print on,” said InkTec head of national sales, Ben Woodruff.
The device, which will be priced in the region of £190,000-£200,000, is suitable for a wide range of applications such as short-term outdoor signage, clear film window graphics, interior decoration, furniture decoration, industrial applications, industrial keypads, spot varnishing and wood prints
Powered by the Jetrix Graphical User Interface, the LXi8 features a zonal vacuum system with automated pin registration, automatic head cleaning and according to Woodruff, its LED curing system results in a level of energy efficiency that will produce real cost savings.
“This is our first production printer and it takes us into a new area of the market where we can start to win business with bigger companies in volume production,” he said.
“We hope it will become our flagship machine,” Woodruff said. “We have more than 70 Jetrix machines in the UK and this is an opportunity for some of those customers to look at something new with our tried and tested technology.
“This is a solid reliable machine – we already have the R&D infrastructure and software team to know how to put these things together.”