Azonprinter, worldwide manufacturer of digital inkjet solutions, is presenting a wide format flat-bed Azon Matrix platform at Fespa for the first time. Azon Matrix comes with new TurboJet inks and CMYK plus white plus gloss configuration in easy refillable 500 ml bulk-ink system.
The spokesperson from the company added, “Industrial wide format solution can prints up to 200mm in height have the ability to print cylindrical and cone objects effective and efficient as on any rigid flat surface thank to specially designed Azon Rotax adapter. Azon Matrix printing solution with optional S, M and L bed sizes; 700 mm x 1900 mm / 700 mm x 2500 mm / 1200 mm x 3300 mm comes in three printing technologies available in Azonprinter portfolio. DTG, DTS, and UV-LED Matrix options extend productivity and creativity by printing wide formats directly onto any type of material like PET, ABS, polycarbonate, TPU, wood, stone, glass, canvas, ceramic, aluminum, leather and any type of garments like silk, cotton, denim and polyester. Azon Matrix is a first step in new area of the market and there is no better place than FESPA where Azonprinter can start to explore and present its solutions to industrial companies with high- volume production and extend its market presence further more.”